Conference Information

In Luke 9:18-27, Jesus passionately asks His disciples what people think of Him, followed by His asking who the disciples think He is.  Practically speaking, each of us must answer questions about Christ's deity and purpose. Our acceptance or rejection of Christ as our Lord and Saviour has eternal consequences that determine our eternal destination of heaven or hell.

This year's theme for the 2nd Annual Defending the Christian Faith Apologetics Conference is But Whom Do You Say I Am? Through panel discussions and workshops, participants will learn practical ways to equip themselves for daily challenges involving apologetics.

Conference Registration and Speakers

All attendees will hear a morning panel discussion with Pastors Christopher Brooks, Cal Garcia, Adam Hill, and Emery Moss, along with an afternoon panel discussion led by New Life Community Church Members. 

Although the overall conference will accommodate 100 people, registration is limited to 25 attendees in each group.  Therefore, register for the group based on your desire to attend a workshop led by one of our guest presenters.  

  • Online registration has ended, however, tickets for $30 will be sold at the door.  
  • Those wishing to register and pay by check can download the 2016 NLCC Apologetics Conference Registration Form.  
  • Those wishing to register and pay by credit card can select from the groups below.
  • christopher brooks

    "Commentators group"

    Those registering for the Commentators Group will hear 

    Pastor Christopher Brooks highlight topics from his book, Urban Apologetics:  Answering Challenges to Faith for Urban Believers. 

    • Workshop Description:  Regardless of how people view Christ, everyone will face eternal consequences for accepting or rejecting the plan of salvation.  While providing an apologetic defense in an urban environment, we should understand about witnessing to those impacted by economic and social challenges, responding to cultural relativism within urban communities, and meeting the spiritual needs of families.

    • Speaker Bio:  Pastor Christopher Brooks is the Senior Pastor of Evangel Ministries, a thriving 1600 member church in the heart of Detroit and author of two books; Kingdom Dreaming and Urban Apologetics.  He is also the daily host of two radio program, “Equipped for Life”, aired daily on the Salem Network, 1500 AM and a national live talk show “Equipped with Chris Brooks”, airing daily on Moody Radio.   He was appointed Campus Dean of Moody Theological Seminary’s Michigan Campus in 2013.
  • cal garcia

    "defenders group"

    Those registering for the Defenders Group will hear Pastor Cal Garcia discuss The New Theory of Relativism and the Church.

    • Workshop Description: In 1905, Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity, stating laws of physics remain the same everywhere.  Today, the church battles against a new type of relativity--cultural relativity--that suggests that truth isn’t the same everywhere and that people possess their own individual truth.  How should we respond to this principle that clearly refutes objective and eternal Biblical Truths?

    • Speaker Bio:  Pastor Cal Garcia has served in pastoral ministry for thirty-nine years. He is the pastor of Auburn Hills Christian Center, a vibrant multi-ethnic and cross-generational church.  He has served his denomination, the Assemblies of God, as the State Missions & Church Planting Director and as an Executive Presbyter.  Cal is known for his commitment to the teaching of God’s Word, his emphasis on marketplace ministry and his love for missions. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. Cal and his wife Sandy are the proud parents of three adult daughters.
  • adam hill

    "expositors group"

    Those registering for the Expositors Group will hear Pastor Adam Hill discuss Apologetics:  a Reason to be Offensive.  

    • Workshop Description:  As Christian Apologists, we should be able to explain the Gospel Message in a coherent and reasonable way.  By the same token, we should anticipate people’s claim that they feel uncomfortable or threatened about Bible Truths.  How do we avoiding making personal attacks while also engaging in tough conversations?

    • Speaker Bio: Adam Hill is Pastor of Rochester Church of Christ in Rochester Hills, Michigan where he has served for more than five years. In addition, he is an adjunct professor of religion at Rochester College where he teaches theology and ministry. Over the last twenty years Adam has ministered professionally at churches in Tennessee, Georgia, New Jersey, Indiana, and Michigan. Adam and his wife Kelly have been married for more than 18 years, and are blessed to be the parents of Cooper, their nine year-old son. In addition to spending time with his family and friends, Adam loves reading, music, good barbecue, board games, and Alabama Crimson Tide football. 
  • Emery Moss, jr.

    "warriors group"

    Those registering for the Warriors Group will hear Pastor Emery Moss discuss Does It Matter What We Believe: Can't We All Just Get Along

    • Workshop Description:  What are some of the major world religions and why is Christianity right when other religions are wrong?  Contrary to popular thinking, it’s not enough to believe in something:  we must believe in Jesus Christ.  

    • Speaker Bio:  Emery Moss is Pastor of Strictly Biblical Teaching Ministries in Detroit, Michigan and host of the daily radio program, Bible Talk on Radio 1500 AM.  He currently serves as Chaplain of the Dearborn Police Department and Instructor of Human Relations classes for the Dearborn Police Department. He has served as a pastor for over 40 years and was ordained and licensed as a Baptist Minister at the age of 19, while serving on Active Duty at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, TX in 1971.  Pastor Moss has authored several books including: Twisted Teaching of the Word Faith Movement, Twisted Teaching of the Homosexual Church and The Twisted Teaching of the Secret.