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The term "apologetics" comes from the Greek word "apologia" meaning a logical and reasoned argument intended to defend a belief.  So why should Christians embrace apologetics? Quite simply, the world systems of relativism, post-modernism, and atheism blatantly reject the objective, infallible, and eternal Truth of God's Holy Word.

The Defending the Christian Faith Apologetics Conference addresses why and how Christians should offer a bold alternative to worldliness as mentioned in I Peter 3:15-17. Conference attendees will participate in interactive sessions, hear panel discussions, and learn practical ways to equip themselves for daily challenges involving apologetics.

The keynote speaker is Emery Moss, Jr. who is Pastor of Strictly Biblical Teaching Ministries in Detroit, Michigan and host of the daily radio program, Bible Talk on Radio 1500 AM

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  • elder kenneth keene

    "Christ:  god's apologetic"

    Apologia means "answer" and pros apologian means "to answer back or towards" or "to make a defense" (directly I Peter 2:15).  But, ironically, the church's first answer is not first in addressing negatives (which has it's place), but in a grand "positive" - that is, to "honor" or "set apart" Christ as Lord in our hearts.  This session will explore how it is in the Church, first turning to Christ more fully and more intently, that we become a demonstrable "answer" in Christ to an unbelieving world.

  • tammie mcelwee

    "ignorance is no excuse"

    In this day and age of information, it is almost impossible to be "uninformed!" Deliberately disregarding important facts does not release one from the duty or requirements of God.  We as Christians must equip ourselves to know our faith before we can share our faith.  Ignorance is no excuse!

  • emery moss, jr.

    "The necessity of preaching"

    Reverend Moss is the keynote speaker for the conference.  He is Pastor of Strictly Biblical Teaching Ministries in Detroit, Michigan and host of the daily radio program, Bible Talk on Radio 1500 AM

  • Elder Jerry Seawright

    "what is truth?"

    What is Truth?  The answer to this ageless question continues to be not only pertinent but most relevant.  Today's course will offer a working definition of Truth as presented in God's Holy Word.  We will explore how Truth is not only a unifying idea or theme--but a person. 

  • lucille stevenson

    "You better think"

    Are Christians angry, out of control, and just down right ignorant?  How did Jesus approach the skeptic views of His day?  "You Better Think" will deal with pressing thoughts of our day and Biblical answers for those questions.

  • Darrin woods

    "Paul's defense of the 'unknown god'"

    In Acts 17:22-34, the Apostle Paul addresses polytheistic Greeks on Mars Hill. He relies on the Holy Spirit to provide an apologetic defense of the Gospel by pointing out the "Unknown God" Greeks acknowledged.  This session will include practical ways Christians should respond to predicaments, philosophers, presentations, and personal responses that result from proclaiming the Gospel.

  • College panel discussion

    "Impact of Worldviews on the College Campus"

    College students will discuss their experiences and Biblical responses to the proliferation of multiple worldviews that are anti-Christian.

  • small group discussion

    "Apologetics in Action"

    Participants in this session will discuss practical strategies for providing a meaningful, succinct, and scripture-based apologetic defense.