What are Christian Perspectives about Revivals? 

Definition of Revival - When a Community of the Faithful Responds to God’s Message.

A spiritual revival starts when God touches a community of the faithful. This collective encounter with God usually comes through a messenger of God who pierces and convicts their hearts with the word of God.

See Scripture Commentary: Exodus 35:21 tells us how through Moses the Israelites hearts were stirred up to give an offering for the working of the tabernacle.

Definition of Revival - An Extraordinary Movement of the Holy Spirit.

Another aspect of the definition of revival is that it is an extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit. The essence of spiritual revival where God’s Spirit is poured into a body of believers and where God’s Spirit is activated in his people and through them.

See Scripture Commentary: Acts 2:17 tells of God in the last days pouring out his Spirit upon all flesh.

Definition of Revival - A Time of Repentance and to Reunite With God.

Another definition of revival is that it is a time of repentance and reuniting with God. We do this by seeking God with a broken heart, repenting of our sins, doing what is right in his eyes, and reaping his mercy.

See Scripture Commentary: Hosea 10:12 tells us to sow of righteousness, reap in mercy, and to break up our fallow ground.

Definition of Revival - A Re-Encounter With God’s Word, Work, and Mercy.

Revival does not happen unless God is present. The core definition of revival is a re-encounter with God. It is a re-establishment or a building of our relationship with God. Revival occurs when God touches our heart through his word, work, and mercy.

See Scripture Commentary: Habakkuk 3:2 tells us of Habakkuk’s prayer of revival.

Taken from access-jesus.com

Social Media During the Revival

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