LIT Youth Camp  July 10-14, 2017  5-8:30 p.m. daily

This year's youth camp focuses on how preteens and teens share their light or renew a desire to commit their lives to God and to serve Him intentionally.  Our key scripture is Matthew 5:14-16.

During each day, participants will enjoy dinner, then play an interactive activity or game.  Afterwards, they will listen to a motivational sermonette by a guest speaker and divide into small groups. 

On Wednesday, July 12th, participants will collaborate with Micah 6 for a community project in Pontiac.

As part of registering, please download and bring a completed copy of the Photo Use Form.  

Those participating in Wednesday's field trip should download and bring completed copy of the Field Trip Form.

If you prefer not to register online but by cash or check, please complete either the registration form in PDF or the registration form in Microsoft Word.

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